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Whilst Filming 'The Drift' Goddess Bunny Channels Shakespeare

by Aes-Nihil


"Sexy, Destitute, METACULAR!!!"

Whilst Filming The Drift, The Goddess Bunny Channels Shakespeare

Starring The Goddess Bunny, Glen Meadmore, The Cosmic Daniel and a hustler.

"The entertaining Goddess Bunny sops up another one in this, the finest and most frequently requested video in our catalog. The Goddess Bunny Channels Shakespeare dismembers all notions of decency with the timely story of a conceited whore starlet dedicated to the complete annihilation of Hollywood glam hypocrisy. While liquor bottles clatter repeatedly under the sofa, the Goddess Bunny continues her oration in the gloriously slurred voice of popular Elizabethan playwright, William Shakespeare. While cries of euphoria echo throughout the auditorium, the Goddess succumbs to her terminal ache of elegance, and climaxes by re-writing the dictionary and simultaneously begging for death." — Alex St. Ives, Pornographer

See trailer here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxZez9aNUIs


released January 1, 1989



Archives of Aesthetic-Nihilism Littlerock, California

A delve into the mass schizophrenic breakdown at the end of the Second Millenium AD.

Home of The Manson Archives, the most extensive collection of Manson audio, video, photos, clippings & publications.

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